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Experience our K-12 outdoor curriculum for yourself

Spend a long weekend at Trees For Tomorrow (TFT) experiencing the Northwoods. You'll leave not only with a better understanding of all that TFT has to offer, but with the knowledge and power to incorporate the outdoors into your own classroom! Through fun experiences like skiing and/or snowshoeing, you'll get a taste of the memories your students will make with TFT while networking with other teachers. You'll also learn how to make a TFT fieldtrip a reality for your class. 

February 16-18, 2024

FREE plus $50 in class cash for attending

includes lodging, meals, & equipment


Check in and registration for the event will be open from 3-5 pm, followed by orientation to the facility and fun icebreakers! We’ll serve up your first ever TFT dinning hall experience for dinner and end the night with our social hour. 



Return to your student days by attending a TFT NGSS curriculum class in the morning.


After lunch we’ll gather up as a group to discuss how to incorporate the outdoors into your classroom as well as how we can help you make a TFT field trip a reality for your school! From talking to alumni teachers who currently bring their students here to reviewing our scholarship options with Operations Manager Mandy, we’ll help you figure out how to plan your trip and get your kids here.


After Dinner we’ll head to the woods for a unique and honored TFT tradition- The Night Hike!



Before we send you back to the real world, we’ll take you out for a cross country ski or snowshoe adventure *no experience required* complete with naturalist interpretation of the area. 

QUESTIONS? Contact or (715) 479-6456 ext. 224