Can't come to our campus for programming? WE HAVE OPTIONS!


Contact Mandy Gingerich at for more information and to schedule your virtual program.

Select from the our list of interactive virtual programs that are completely taught by TFT educators. No pre-requisites for these classes and you will not need to provide additional instruction.


Cost: $150 for 30-60 minute lesson. Additional lessons $100 each. Scholarships available.


Select from our complete list of interactive virtual classes that you co-facilitate with our educators. These classes work best in a live, conversation-like format with screen sharing enabled. Our instructors lead portions of each class such as introductions and wrap-up, while you guide students through the process or data collection and group discussions. Lessons plans would be shared with you in advance with a planning meeting scheduled to discuss logistics and details of the lessons.


Cost: $150-$400 depending on format and TFT educator involvement in facilitating lessons. Scholarships available.

OPTION 1: Full Faciliation
OPTION 2: Co-Faciliation

Virtual School Programs

Your students can learn from and interact with our professional educators in a LIVE virtual format via Zoom or Google Meet.